The Best Hardwood Floors for Homes with Pets

The Best Hardwood Floors for Pet Owners

What are the two things that no homeowner can live without? Cherished, lovable pets and beautiful hardwood flooring. Well, at least one of those is accurate. Our pets become family members, and we want them to enjoy our homes as much as we do, within reason of course. If you’re a hardwood lover like many homeowners are, the challenge is finding the best fit for our favorite animals to coexist with gorgeous wood floors without damaging them. Here are some things to consider.

Solid vs. Engineered

Scratches will happen, but all scratches are not created equal. Do you have a big dog or multiple dogs? If you anticipate your pets producing significant wear, solid hardwoods will allow you the option to refinish the surface. Engineered hardwoods are durable as well and present more installation options over multiple types of subfloors. These styles may even be easier on your hardwood budget. The right choice depends on the construction of your home and the furry (or scaly or feathered) friends that help make up your family.

Character Camouflage

Many hardwood enthusiasts love the look of a well-worn wood floor and desire the distressed, hand-scraped and rustic characteristics that create the reclaimed feel. All of these trends are great if you live with pets. Why? Some of the scrapes or nicks caused by your pet’s paws can easily blend with the natural markings of a distressed floor compared to a smooth visual. Color variations within the wood itself will also help keep scratches from standing out. High-character wood floors are definitely in demand, so there’s no need to skimp on style when living with pets.

Protecting your Hardwood

Consider using area rugs and carpet runners over your new hardwoods to protect them from heavy traffic. Mats should be placed underneath water bowls to retain moisture, and don’t forget to trim the nails and claws of your cute creatures.

Fashion Forward Hardwood Ideas

Ready to shop? With some savvy selecting, your fabulous home with hardwood floors can withstand playful pets while maintaining its beauty.

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